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11.03.09   - caustik

shogun made more progress on his Cxbx branch. The game "Panzer Dragoon ORTA" noew goes in-game, albiet without 3D. Check out shogun's new blog (here) to read more details and to keep up to date with his future progress!

12.02.08   - caustik

shogun made some great progress on his Cxbx branch. The game "Smashing Drive" goes in-game. He informs me the game can't be considered playable at this point, but it's stunning progress nonetheless. Read more and discuss on the ngemu forums here.

09.24.08   - caustik

The screenshots really do most of the talking themselves :)

Read more about this progress at dstien's cxbx patches page

09.25.07   - caustik

I swear it's a coincedence that it has been exactly 1 year since the last update..

I posted a little Cxbx update on my blog today.

09.25.06   - caustik

I have started a blog, which will hopefully contain some Cxbx related posts at some point. This does not mean the project is active again, unfortunately.

10.04.04   - caustik

So if anybody didn't notice, there is a new version of OpenXDK released. Mad props to edwardaux for all his work integrating GCC, newlib, SDL, and joystick support. I'm very happy to see this project revived. The announcement is available here, and the new site at

09.08.04   - caustik

I'm trying to make up for my months of silence by having frequent web site updates :) - Check out the progress on Panzar. It is going to blank screen and/or crashing after the menu, but the menu looks real damn nice (it was just a swizzling issue that prevented things from working correctly yesterday).

09.08.04   - caustik

I actually got a chance to work on Cxbx for a change tonight - and got Panzar running with glichy graphics. There's obviously going to be plenty of kinks to work out, but clearly progress is happening. This is a still shot of the menu which is actually animating a bunch of wacky things but with incorrect textures.

09.06.04   - caustik

Wow it has been a long time since an update... I haven't had much time to work on Cxbx lately, but one of these days.. in the meantime, score yourself a free iPod/PC if you havent already: Free iPod or Free PC. Not to sound cliche, but i dont usually go for that sort of thing but this one apparently works, as has been proven by lots of people.

I plan on releasing a new project to the open source world soon (check out Work-in-Progress demos over here). It will be available sometime soon in source code, screensaver, executable, winamp plugin, etc.

I'll do some good and at least show a tiny screenshot here...

Oh, and also a *BETA* build because alot of people have been complaining :) (dont BUG me about bugs or totally random crashes or whatever!) - Cxbx 0.8.0-Pre2 - Yes, it plays Turok, and yes, there is a slightly new GUI.

04.07.04   - caustik

Sopskrutt and myself have been hard at work :) - and we've got some great news...

Download Turok.avi Live Demo (Encoded with DivX)

These screenshots are taken on my GeForce FX 5600 (2.8 ghz P4). Turok is completely playable and suffers from only mild glitches like missing polygons and water effects. The gameplay is very smooth, frames per second are real-time. It is even possible to overclock Cxbx and play at 4x+ speed without choking the system.

The latest CVS source code is available at This is a developmental build and a stable binary has not yet been released. I have put up some google ad links above to generate some support. The last sizeable donation has gone towards a development box for Sopskrutt, and in the future it will help reimburse who is kind enough to host us (including the above rather large and expensive to host AVI file).

12.08.03   - caustik

Sorry it has been so long since a site update. Cxbx is not halted, but it is definately a lower priority than I would like it to be. Progress is happening, but there are alot of other things going on and I have not been able to work on it very much. It is very difficult to find developers who can contribute to the front lines of Cxbx, as there is a very steep learning curve.

On another note, I am in the process of planning my holiday vacation. If anybody in the Las Vegas, San Diego, or Los Angeles areas knows of something really cool going down between Dec 26th and Jan 4th, shoot me an email :)

09.02.03   - caustik

I took a little time during my vacation to fix some issues in Cxbx. I dont have access to any games here, so no new graphics or games play in this release. I have addressed one of the CreateDevice problems, version synchronization problems, and now you should be able to run an Xbe from a read only device (such as a cdrom). You can download the latest version (0.7.8c) here, as always.

08.30.03   - caustik

I am going out of town until 09/03/03, so I decided to do a release tonight. As of about 10 minutes ago, Halo executes (it copies the cache files over, etc), but displays nothing but a black screen indefinately. It might be interesting to see how this behaves on different people's PCs. The XRay demo runs really nicely now, as well as Gamepad and Rumble. Check it out here. I have also uploaded a bundle with XRay and Gamepad demos on the xbins ftp.

Update : I have updated the latest release to 0.7.8b to fix debug messsage accidentally left in the build.

XRay Gamepad
08.13.03   - caustik

I am sure by now most of you have heard of the new xbox emulator just released, named "Xeon". From the screenshots I have seen, it is very impressive. Halo is apparently playable, although I have not been able to verify this myself. I hope that _SF_ will contact kingofc and myself, so that we can work together to get playable games happening very quickly. This is very exciting news for the emulation scene, and I want congratulate _SF_ on his work.

Recently, two of my hard drives became corrupted, and I lost alot of data. I hope to recover this data very soon so I can continue work on Cxbx. In the meantime, enjoy the new toy, and look forward to seeing Halo supported by Cxbx in the near future!

07.16.03   - caustik

Some folks on the forum noticed that Cxbx 0.7.7 stopped running X-Marbles and some other apps correctly. I have fixed this problem with Cxbx 0.7.7b. You can download it in the usual place. I have also placed this release on #xbins, as usual, this time along with the source and the PointSprites demo.

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